When a Transmutation can be brought by multiple dots, each dot is worth exactly five or seven exp. Buying the second dot of Alembic will cost five or seven exp, not ten or fourteen. Bying the three dot version of Sooth Disquiet is worth ten or fourteen exp, not fifteen or twenty one.


Permement Effects:Edit

If the user wishes it, any Alchemicus Transmutation that can be boosted by Persistent Change (Forging the Master’s Tools, Degradation, Fortification, Transformation, Alteration or Resize) can be made permanent at no additional cost if the Promethean rolls an Exceptional Success.

Any material that has been transformed is explicitly mundane. No supernatural or scientific analysis can detect some form of Pyros preventing the gold from returning to lead, because there is no such lingering effect. The gold is now natural mundane gold.

Persistant ChangeEdit

Persistant Change is now a one Dot Transmutation.

The Azoth cost is replaced with a cost of one Willpower Dot, which may be rebrought for 8 exp. Allowing Prometheans to create permanent effects without an Exceptional Success.



Alembic is now a Contamination Transmutation, and it is significantly stronger: Alembic applies to all manner of mind or emotional control that targets the Promethean. Alembic does stack with Spiritus Transmutations that protect against supernatural powers.



Alembic is moved to Contamination.



Shock becomes an instant action with a dicepool becomes Stamina + Brawl, and a Damage rating of half Azoth, rounding up. A single point of Pyros can allow for Azoth uses of Shock, and the Promethian may spend a Willpower point to make the damage from a single roll Lethal.


Arc has the exact same changes as Shock, but the dicepool is Stamina + Firearms or Athletics + Damage. Player's choice.



Blast functions identically to the modified Shock, except it uses radiation instead of electricity.

Gamma BeamEdit

A new three dot Transmutation: Gamma Beam functions identically to the modified Arc, except it uses radiation instead of electricity.

Azothic BombEdit

The damage is increased to Successes + Azoth.



The Promethian can Reflexively spend one Pyros to make his next Strength + Brawl attack do fire damage. This damage is Bashing (except against beings who are vulnerable to fire). Firegrasp can also be used to set things on fire, if they're flammable.

Trigger FirestormEdit

The dicepool is now Azoth + Occult. The damage, but not any other effects, are increased to Successes + half the user's Azoth. Round up.