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Mad ScienceEdit

  • Pursuit
  • Challenges and Breakthroughs
    • Insight
  • Creations
    • Test Subjects: modified traits, Transmutations
    • Artificial Life: Clones, Robots, and AIs

HazMat PrometheansEdit

Modeled after Nuclear Prometheans.

  • Need general rules for poisons, drugs, and diseases.
  • Plaguebearers and Toxic Prometheans:
    • Lineage write-ups
    • modifications to the Promethean Condition: healing, Torment, Disquiet, Wasteland; Milestones
    • Athanors
    • Bestowments
    • Transmutations: Intoxication and Infection
    • Mockeries
  • Sample biotech inventions


  • Lineages: now called "Models", and count as Lineages even if heritage doesn't exist.
  • Athanors: assign Athanors to individual models.
  • Unfleshed Transmutations.
  • Mad Science options for Devices and Vehicles
  • Sample Mad Science Inventions

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