Promethean: God's DomainEdit

God's Domain adds rules for Mad Science and Alchemy and expands the rules for Unfleshed and the hazardous humours to White Wolf's Promethean: the Created.



Ludd's Lament The Divine Crucible

Chapter 1: Science Gone Mad

Chapter 2: The Ills of Mankind

Chapter 3: Man and Machine

Chapter 4: Alchemy

Chapter 5: Crossroads

Chapter 6: the Final Chapter

Appendix A: The Great Work

Promethean: ScienceblasphemyEdit

Scienceblasphemy is a separate project that introduces new rules and modifications to the core rules of Promethean to address player concerns and placing more focus upon the core themes. Think of it as a sort of "second edition" for Promethean, much like The Strix Chronicles are for Vampire.


Promethean Nature


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